Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Life of a Swimmer

Dear Cottage Friends,
I decided to post a post about swimming, since
I spend a great deal of time in the water.
Hope you enjoy it!

  • Swimming started in the 1st century.

  • Over 50% of world-class swimmers suffer from shoulder pain.

  • Swimming has been a part of the Olympics since 1896.

  • Some people think swimming started when a person fell into the water and panicking, he started to swim in a way we call today dog paddle.

  • Egyptians made a picture or symbol for swimming as far back as 2500 A.

  • Peanuts are a source of energy for swimmers.

  • Drags slow you down in swimming because they are not skin tight.

  • The shorter your hair is the more chance you have for swimming faster because there is less friction.

  • Swimming can be done for competition and it is helpful in survival.

  • An hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories. It burns off more calories than walking or biking.

  • Swimming strengthens the heart and lungs

  • Swimming works out all of the body’s major muscles

  • Swimming help reduce stress

  • Water’s buoyancy make swimming the ideal exercise for physical therapy and rehabilitation or for anyone seeking a low-impact exercise.

  • Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise because you are moving against the water’s resistance, which is over ten times that of the air.

  • You can swim for exercise no matter what your age. Some people teach their infants and toddlers how to swim so that they will learn to love and respect the water at a very early age. I also know people well into their eighties who swim regularly to stay in shape.

  • An estimated 65 thousand people in the United States alone do not know how to swim. Many of them learned as young children but never go to a pool, lake, river, or ocean anymore and have forgotten how to swim over the years. Others were never taught and continue to avoid the activity altogether. It was once thought that knowing how to swim was important for safety reasons, but now it is pretty much left up to the individual.

  • Swimming in extremely cold water can be very dangerous. People with heart conditions or other ailments, as well as elderly people, should avoid swimming in water that is too cold. Cold water cools down the human body 25 times faster that cold air does, so swimming in water that is below about 15 degrees Celsius should never be undertaken. This can lead to thermal shock, hypothermia, and eventual death.

  • Swimming is also a very safe form of exercise because it is considered to be low impact and easy on the bones and joints. You can do exercises in the water using floats and weights and enjoy a good workout without worrying about serious injury. This is especially true if you have arthritis or other types of physical limitations.

  • It really is true that you shouldn't swim for about an hour after eating. This is primarily because your body is digesting your food and you may get a cramp during the time right after you eat. Allow your body to rest after eating and then go into the water.

  • Swimming is a good way to lose weight. This form of exercise will stimulate your entire body and could lead to an increase in metabolism over time. If you are trying to lose weight, swim for at least twenty minutes three or four times each week.

  • Going swimming is very relaxing and has been compared to yoga and meditation in terms of its soothing effect on the mind and body.

I found this facts out in another blog called Interesting Facts. It is really cool.
I have been swimming for 6 years now, this is the first year that I am seriously competitive about it.  I swim every afternoon that I can from 4:00-5:30 PM and at some point I will start swimming doubles which is where you practice from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM. I haven't started that yet. :D

This year I switched teams from Gold to the Marietta Marlins. They both swim at the same pool, so it is fun to see old friends as I come and go from practices. Most of my friends were the same speed as me, so at the Stingrays meet in February, it will be interesting to see which one of us is faster. I am looking forward to that meet.

Until I post again,


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny things that have happened while on our trip:

We went to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Washington D.C., Quincy, MA. I will tell the funny things that happened in order of where they happened in accordance to the sentence above.
For lunch we ate at this outdoor tavern area. The one problem was it was highly inhabited by bees! I mean like 4000 bees all swirling around your BBQ sandwich. Okay... so I'm exaggerating a small bit...but there were a lot of bees!  We move a table farthest away from the bees which are in the middle of the restaurant. But we watch our food and LOOK at it before putting it in our mouth. Suddenly calamity strikes......
A BEE lands on my potato chips. Dad smacks his hand down, killing the bee and also smashing my potato chips. I scream, my dad says, "Got One! Theirs only 2000 left. If we all kill 5..."  Mom was hysterical with laughter, my sister was saying that we sparked a revival because a lady and her husband had just killed another bee across the way. I was wondering how many bees their actually were. Harris and Haven were in awe of dad's skills.
This is one of those stories that goes in the family album, as a best-seller.

Jamestown was a different place. There was the museum and there was the place itself. We went to the museum itself and at the end we went onto this ship( I think it was the Susan Constant). The sun was shining and I was very hot, I just wanted a quick look around and then get off the ship and to a water fountain.
I quickly look around and step into this captains room. I was carrying a notebook for school references so that I can write down anything I would like to remember, or that interests me. This sailor person says "Young lady in the purple, come over here. " I swallow hard, and walk over to him. He asks me "What's the notebook for?" I say"uhhhhhhhhhh notes?" He asks, "Do ya have any questions?" I say "nope... it's only notes."
I think he thought I was here for a school assignment and needed some help with answering some questions.. well... no they were just notes. My mom and I both thought it was hilarious. We would repeat the conversation over and over during our trip. It always made us go hysterical.

Washington d.c.-
When we got to D.C. we walked around the mall ( monument area) Not the shopping mall.. not that that wouldn't be fun.  My sister and brother saw some pigeons and went to scare them away. Apparently these pigeons were not the get 3 yards away and they spook kind. They were the we've lived all our life and aren't scared of anything, except when someone is so close they could touch us. So my brother got so close he could touch and scared them off. That's when it happened.
They flew straight at me.... I duck.. not knowing how good their sense of direction is.. I lose my balance and fall to the ground laughing hysterically. The worst part was... The mall's benches were inhabited by people that day...

Quincy, MA-
We camped up in MA. It basically rained the whole time... and we were tent camping.  Then the bathrooms close... YEE HAW this is one of those places you remember because it is just hard not to. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Say Quack and snap and I wish I was used!

We have  3 inflatable animals in our houses. one is our excruciating duck. I say excruciating because it's a hassle to blow up and a hassle to carry. Two is our alligator or crocodile. I have no idea if it is either!  three is our inflatable swan.
Our duck is an inflatable nightmare! In other words, it's massive! It has a comical expression that most ducks don't have. Actually, I don't know of anyone else who has a duck like ours. In is a bright yellow and is basically impossible to climb on to from the water and is very annoying to be pushed off of. In other words, it's the one of the things people look for  when they drive by if the duck is out; we're here!
Our alligator(that's what I call it.) Is much easier to climb on to from the water. It is our newer inflatable. I myself am scared of alligators so even though it's an inflatable; i generally stay away from him as much as possible, don't ask my why. He is about 5 ft. long and is much easier to blow up than the duck.

We have never used the swan. it is much smaller than the duck and the gator so i don't know when we will begin using it.
In summary, we have a lot to be thankful for in our house today! We have an annoying inflatable duck, a giant alligator and a never used swan!

Rainy weekend!

I was going to try to ski this weekend, but as it is sort of windy and cold with the tropical depression and all. I decided to forfeit my water goal for this weekend.  I was very excited to try to ski again. I tried to do it three or so years ago and was not very successful at it.  I went straightaway underwater and got water up my nose (by the way; that does not bother me now!) That was it with skiing for me, until a few weeks ago when I was okay at knee boarding that I decided to try it again.
Except there was that small factor: weather. The weather is terrible for skiing. It is very windy and is chilly and rains every now and then. VERY EXCITING labor day weekend right? Well, we are having a rest time at the moment and then our family is going to watch a movie: I have no idea what it is about! We actually had some kids at our neighbors house this weekend. It is very rare when we have children anywhere close to us at our lake house.
Our neighbors had their grand kids over for a day and they were very nice. They came over to our dock and swam and jumped on our BIG YELLOW DUCK! Our duck is a whole other post! I am about to end this post and do something else.
So for now: your blogger,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am so blessed!!!!!!!!!

My life is complete bliss! I have a new room with a nice closet and a gorgeous comforter, sorry no picture yet, I have yet to get to that part of my life: Categorization. It is really nice to have everything so organized.
I have an apple itouch also. i got it Thursday, for $25. It's a neat gizmo.  I love having my life more organized. Now if only I get focus and get to work.
till we meet again, 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lately I've been trying to do everything myself. My school, mychores, my excercising and nothing good has come out of it. Even my musical talent failed to bring a good lesson. That's when the Lord hit me. Instead of trying to do everything on my own. Why not hold his hand every step of the way and let him lead me through life? What was holding me back? Yes PRIDE was holding me back from taking the hand of my Lord and Savior who loves me.
while I was fooling around on Bible study tools .org i found an interesting quote.
"A Rabbi and a New England Minister were getting to know one another. Proudly, the minister exclaimed, "One of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence." "I understand your pride," responded the rabbi. "One of my ancestors signed the Ten Commandments." It struck me funny.
Thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?" (Obadiah 3).
I was up high in my own little world and the Lord brought me down back to Him.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

my journal

dear diary,

I am starting a new thing called my thoughts. It will cover whatever I am thinking of at the moment.

My thoughts July 30, 2011

If you do everything for the glory to god then you can’t mess up. I know that to be a fact for I am now facing a major trial. I am a year ahead in math and failed the final exam today. I now have two options to take:
  1. Redo pre algebra
  2.  Take the final exam over again.
I chose the second option and need to study all day Monday, because I did terrible. I got a 55, uugghhh…. The worst thing to ever got in my whole life. I missed 9/20 problems.
 I get to retake the final exam over again on Tuesday.
Please be praying for me  as I restudy and focus during the construction at my house on Monday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Journal,

I am fixing to go swimming. I've been on the Ga virtual school all morning.   Mom is going to the store. will type more later.
we are about to have smoked chicken that my dad smoked outside. Then we MIGHT have a baseball tournament on the wii. I am dreadfully sleepy and its only 7:23 in Alabama. The construction on our rooms has been put off until August1 also my dad's b-day and the 1st day of school.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Journal,

My grandfather and grandmother just left our house. We are spending a week at lake Weiss in Alabama. We are going to have fun on our boat and enjoy the rest of the summer until school starts August 1.  I have been doing a little bit of catch-up work so that I am ready for school start. Dad is cooking sausage for breakfast and my little brother is orgainizing his train station. My sisters are both playing wii ski and snowboard.   mom is reading her latest book. I am enjoying typing. dad said we would have a   bowling tournament on the wii.
I just got off of google reader and am subscribed to most of your blogs. I am not sure if I am doing it right but I'll figure it out in a few years. pretty soon i'll have to shut down the laptop. it's a really old laptop and very slow.  I need to go outside and get some fresh air. but I'll wait until my sister is done with her history time with my mother. My mom had a blog a long time ago. She helps lead a group at our church, It's called the homeschool group for we are homeschoolers.  I ran 1 1/4 miles this morning and am still sore from the workout I had yesterday. hope we can go swimming soon.   This is what I have to do this week to get ready for school to start:
. four spelling tests
 10 problems of math.
  3 essays on different topics
 review 26 lessons in logic
4 chapters of history
I've done
2 essays
3 chapters of history
10 lessons of logic.
That's a great deal to do in 6 days.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear journal,

Today was exhausting. I spent about 3 hours getting ready for school to start and will do so for the rest of the week, as school starts august 1 in my homeschooling.  I ran 1 1/2 miles this morning much to the amusement of the walkers my brother tagged along with me. he's 5 I'm 12. He doesn't quite keep up with me.  It was raining cats and dogs a few minutes ago. with thunder every 20 seconds and lightning every 15. Does anyone have ANY  idea how to figure out(in a simple way!) how close a storm is to you. please tell me.......
once we all most got hit by lightning that's for you, Winnie. We were heading out to get ice cream in the middle of a big thunderstorm (smart right) and my dad goes out to the car to get the umbrella, which if you've studied Benjamin Franklin is not a great idea. So we are all standing on the porch and suddenly a flash of light was right next to us in our yard, and I remember felling tingly, so dad finally realizes that getting an umbrella in a thunderstorm is a terrible idea. We all run out and get in the car. Well it finally stopped raining so I'm gonna go outside and run around and get my body excercixed some more.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New room

we're getting our own rooms in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, I'm kinda excited- if you haven't noticed. mine is going to be a sort of light green with a brown and polka dotted bread spread. I'll put a picture on when its done. gotta go and pick up stuff off the floor again.............

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank you for your support

Hey to all of you who supported my trip to Dallas, it was an experience I'll never forget....................
Thank you for your prayers and support. The knowledge of God's love was spread to 88 people on this trip. What a way for God to use us!  I was able to lead 8 people to Christ and also I grew in my faith myself!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Evidence for creation

 * I am not an expert on this. I just wrote what I know.
1. Every year the comets and meteors that go around the sun burn of a little bit of their outer layer. If the universe was  67 million years old then we would not have any more meteors and stuff like that.
2. the moon moves a centimeter a year away from the earth...... Think about that!
3.  palaeontologists(big word right!) have found red blood cells on a t-Rex's leg bone. Could that survive 67 million years?
4. Every snowflake and leaf is different. Can you imagine the designer?
5.  Finally what the Bible says: Genesis 1:1

  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. It's as simple as that. 10 words  and there is no more controversy.  Now what do you think? Write a comment and tell me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summary of my school year (in one essay)

This year I have learned a great deal about myself as a student.  I have used study strategies and flashcards to study for Finals and quizzes. My strategies include: Graphic organizers, outlining and using flashcards to study.
            Graphic Organizers are very helpful in planning for essays, papers and stories. They have different kinds including outline form and timeliness.  They help organize my thoughts and ideas so that I am ready for outlining.  They use pictures as in a smore and a sandwich to get you ideas ready outlining. It can be used as an outline and is very beneficial when you are in a rush to do your homework assignment.
            Outlining is the next step in writing a paper.  I use it because I need to have a plan on what I want to say or else it doesn’t make sense.  Graphic organizers also can be a Outline as long as it is not specific outline.
Flashcards are what I use for learning new words and understanding and memorizing charts. I use an online study system in which the majority of my friends are using to study for finals and other exams. It is quiz and we each have a different section that we are in charge of. Lily does Latin, Gracie does vocab, and I do Logic.
Finally what really helps me a whole lot is the fact that my mother has all the answer keys and is able to grade them as I do them and when I miss some thing we go over it.  It takes a while to go over all of my subjects this way, but it works for me.
I have learned about my self this year, never underestimate your teacher, and be prepared for everything! Trust me on this! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Birds

They hatched! Recently I have been trying to do my quiet time outside because as it is getting warmer the animals are out earlier and it is fun to see them out and see God's creation.  They little babies hatched in the last week and they are ADORABLE!( refer to Beautiful birds).  It is a beautiful sight to see God's creation in their growing years.  

We are at our lake house this week end ( thank God for Internet connection :) ) , because Dad is working on insulation and case boards for our room(imagine hammering going on!) I haven't been on as much because of school finals and studying for math.   I am out of most of my work this Thursday at 2:00 so form then on it is only easy stuff like small math topics and spelling lessons that take 30 minutes.
Please be praying for my continual progress in the Lord daily and never failing studies:-)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Birds

I spent some time watching the birds in our backyard and I was amazed at how calm some where and that the noisy ones could be so noisy. we saw:
Bluebirds- loud because of babies and worms
a Cardinal- quiet and calm
Wild doves- the MOST peaceful
The doves are my favorite because they are not concerned on the bees or our dog( refer to Pets tab)
They remind me of people who don;t care what everyone else thinks in the world as long as they are pure they are fine.
The cardinals are my next favorite for although the are a neon color which attracts attention to them they are a quiet and peaceful kind of bird.  they remind me of people who want to be noticed, but when they are they don't know what to say.
My least favorite are the blue birds because they seem to be sort of pushy and rude to the quiet people around them.
I Think I am more like a dove, because I do protect myself form people who might hurt me, but some people I don't care what they think.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Page

I have a new page because I just finished reading this book called:  The Girl's book of Wisdom. It is my favorite quotes from the entire book.
I deleted this page. 5/7/11 because I wanted it off my blog....................

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My life as a 6th grader

Being in middle school is not easy, especially being in 6th grade because you feel like you have to fit in with everyone else to be cool.  I know that just because I don't have a cell phone may seem a shock, but really I don't need one, for my parents pick me up from everywhere I go.  I certainly DON'T dress like some weird person who doesn't know who she is. I dress and act modestly and hopefully my character is that way.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break Journal

Monday we drove down to gramdpa's house and stayed the night in his house.
Tuesday grandma had back surgery so Haley, Sony and I all went to the mall and had a shopping spree and Chickfila for lunch. y sisters and brothers both stayed with Gramps while us older ones got some quality time in with his wife: Sony. Tuesday night we went over to my Grams(Gramps previous wife) and we spent the night there and had popcorn and  and played bingo till 11 o'clock Georgia time. We fell asleep fast.
Wednesday we had breakfast at Grams and then went on a walk and to the hospital where Grandma B had back surgery.  Clarification : I have three grandparents in Florida:
Grandma : Vi: Grams
Grandma B: one with back surgery
Grandpa: Gramps and Sony
when we got home from the hospital we had lunch and then played outside it his wetlands holding pond which was dry because of no rain with a  small jet ski that Harris ( my Bro.) had received from Gramps. we went inside and played domino's and bingo and watched a movie. I'll write more when I get there.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I have a new page

I have made a new page called my Missionary Diary. It is meant to be used to track my missionary growth during the time before and after I am a missionary. My page can be found on the left side of my blog and under the word pages and Home.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

sickness in the house

My mom has been sick since Tuesday and  I was really worried about her until I talked to my friends. I have learned much during these last few days.
  1. Never be anxious about anything
  2. God is always in control
  3. God has the power over life and death
  4. even when it seems hopeless a good cry with friends usually  helps                                                                                                                                        I want to personally thank everyone who has prayed for my family these last few days

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Buddy Birthday card

 To a good friend:
Happy B-day early!
Your qualities are inseparable and you are my best pen-pal ever ( and my only 1 )  I love you for who you are and will never forget the fact that you have never seen who I look like. ( Refer to post  Christmas Treats To see my Christmas profile )  You are my best friend ever!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big plans for my future

Happy Birthday to Me ! That's right I turn 12 next Saturday! I am so glad about my life as a 12 year old. I am SUPER excited to see what God can do in my life during these next months.  I am working really hard right now at  getting more organized and efficient as I grow older. That means...
  1. keeping my stuff where it belongs
  2. studying hard and fully every day
as soon as I get those things in a habit I will be good for  a Long TIME, ( that's what I hope )          Right now I am saving up for a new room! My dad  ( thank God for creating Him)
 is going to create a wall  in between our basement playroomduring the summer and make me and my sis new rooms , because right now We share. Today I went online to and  designed my new bed.  I am so excited!
Thank y'all for reading my blog

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goals for this year

This year I have set some major goals
  • Clarinet
  1. Be in youth orchestra at church 2 years from now
  2. Move up to advanced band
  3. Be in the marching band at the end of the year
  • Piano
  1. Practice 30 minutes a day
  2. work on a really HARD piece ( already started)
  • Spiritual stuff
  1. Read through the Bible
  2. Have a Personal quiet time every day

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to school again

Welcome to the Cottage  :-)

Life just gets so busy and when you get so caught up in life that your room becomes a disaster and you are so busy you can't do anything about it then you NEED A BREAK. But when your life then becomes orderly and calm again then you should get back to work.
Today was one of those days when you feel the need to Do SOMETHING. So today I started back on school and made some major accomplishments for the 1st day of school in 2 weeks. I did:

  • 1 1/2 lessons in Pre-algebra
  • Bible memory-Hebrews 12:2
  • Read Chapter 12 in Bob Jones World history
  • listened to Batholomew's Passage almost at the end of the book : ) ( read- aloud)
  • 2 pages in my grammar book on Adverbs
  • did my chores and practiced my instruments
  • knitted 1 row on my knitting project
  • read for 30 minutes
AND typed on my blog here at the family's computer

Keep smiling!
                          -Hannah Grace