Monday, May 30, 2011

Evidence for creation

 * I am not an expert on this. I just wrote what I know.
1. Every year the comets and meteors that go around the sun burn of a little bit of their outer layer. If the universe was  67 million years old then we would not have any more meteors and stuff like that.
2. the moon moves a centimeter a year away from the earth...... Think about that!
3.  palaeontologists(big word right!) have found red blood cells on a t-Rex's leg bone. Could that survive 67 million years?
4. Every snowflake and leaf is different. Can you imagine the designer?
5.  Finally what the Bible says: Genesis 1:1

  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. It's as simple as that. 10 words  and there is no more controversy.  Now what do you think? Write a comment and tell me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summary of my school year (in one essay)

This year I have learned a great deal about myself as a student.  I have used study strategies and flashcards to study for Finals and quizzes. My strategies include: Graphic organizers, outlining and using flashcards to study.
            Graphic Organizers are very helpful in planning for essays, papers and stories. They have different kinds including outline form and timeliness.  They help organize my thoughts and ideas so that I am ready for outlining.  They use pictures as in a smore and a sandwich to get you ideas ready outlining. It can be used as an outline and is very beneficial when you are in a rush to do your homework assignment.
            Outlining is the next step in writing a paper.  I use it because I need to have a plan on what I want to say or else it doesn’t make sense.  Graphic organizers also can be a Outline as long as it is not specific outline.
Flashcards are what I use for learning new words and understanding and memorizing charts. I use an online study system in which the majority of my friends are using to study for finals and other exams. It is quiz and we each have a different section that we are in charge of. Lily does Latin, Gracie does vocab, and I do Logic.
Finally what really helps me a whole lot is the fact that my mother has all the answer keys and is able to grade them as I do them and when I miss some thing we go over it.  It takes a while to go over all of my subjects this way, but it works for me.
I have learned about my self this year, never underestimate your teacher, and be prepared for everything! Trust me on this! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Birds

They hatched! Recently I have been trying to do my quiet time outside because as it is getting warmer the animals are out earlier and it is fun to see them out and see God's creation.  They little babies hatched in the last week and they are ADORABLE!( refer to Beautiful birds).  It is a beautiful sight to see God's creation in their growing years.  

We are at our lake house this week end ( thank God for Internet connection :) ) , because Dad is working on insulation and case boards for our room(imagine hammering going on!) I haven't been on as much because of school finals and studying for math.   I am out of most of my work this Thursday at 2:00 so form then on it is only easy stuff like small math topics and spelling lessons that take 30 minutes.
Please be praying for my continual progress in the Lord daily and never failing studies:-)