Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny things that have happened while on our trip:

We went to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Washington D.C., Quincy, MA. I will tell the funny things that happened in order of where they happened in accordance to the sentence above.
For lunch we ate at this outdoor tavern area. The one problem was it was highly inhabited by bees! I mean like 4000 bees all swirling around your BBQ sandwich. Okay... so I'm exaggerating a small bit...but there were a lot of bees!  We move a table farthest away from the bees which are in the middle of the restaurant. But we watch our food and LOOK at it before putting it in our mouth. Suddenly calamity strikes......
A BEE lands on my potato chips. Dad smacks his hand down, killing the bee and also smashing my potato chips. I scream, my dad says, "Got One! Theirs only 2000 left. If we all kill 5..."  Mom was hysterical with laughter, my sister was saying that we sparked a revival because a lady and her husband had just killed another bee across the way. I was wondering how many bees their actually were. Harris and Haven were in awe of dad's skills.
This is one of those stories that goes in the family album, as a best-seller.

Jamestown was a different place. There was the museum and there was the place itself. We went to the museum itself and at the end we went onto this ship( I think it was the Susan Constant). The sun was shining and I was very hot, I just wanted a quick look around and then get off the ship and to a water fountain.
I quickly look around and step into this captains room. I was carrying a notebook for school references so that I can write down anything I would like to remember, or that interests me. This sailor person says "Young lady in the purple, come over here. " I swallow hard, and walk over to him. He asks me "What's the notebook for?" I say"uhhhhhhhhhh notes?" He asks, "Do ya have any questions?" I say "nope... it's only notes."
I think he thought I was here for a school assignment and needed some help with answering some questions.. well... no they were just notes. My mom and I both thought it was hilarious. We would repeat the conversation over and over during our trip. It always made us go hysterical.

Washington d.c.-
When we got to D.C. we walked around the mall ( monument area) Not the shopping mall.. not that that wouldn't be fun.  My sister and brother saw some pigeons and went to scare them away. Apparently these pigeons were not the get 3 yards away and they spook kind. They were the we've lived all our life and aren't scared of anything, except when someone is so close they could touch us. So my brother got so close he could touch and scared them off. That's when it happened.
They flew straight at me.... I duck.. not knowing how good their sense of direction is.. I lose my balance and fall to the ground laughing hysterically. The worst part was... The mall's benches were inhabited by people that day...

Quincy, MA-
We camped up in MA. It basically rained the whole time... and we were tent camping.  Then the bathrooms close... YEE HAW this is one of those places you remember because it is just hard not to.