Sunday, September 4, 2011

Say Quack and snap and I wish I was used!

We have  3 inflatable animals in our houses. one is our excruciating duck. I say excruciating because it's a hassle to blow up and a hassle to carry. Two is our alligator or crocodile. I have no idea if it is either!  three is our inflatable swan.
Our duck is an inflatable nightmare! In other words, it's massive! It has a comical expression that most ducks don't have. Actually, I don't know of anyone else who has a duck like ours. In is a bright yellow and is basically impossible to climb on to from the water and is very annoying to be pushed off of. In other words, it's the one of the things people look for  when they drive by if the duck is out; we're here!
Our alligator(that's what I call it.) Is much easier to climb on to from the water. It is our newer inflatable. I myself am scared of alligators so even though it's an inflatable; i generally stay away from him as much as possible, don't ask my why. He is about 5 ft. long and is much easier to blow up than the duck.

We have never used the swan. it is much smaller than the duck and the gator so i don't know when we will begin using it.
In summary, we have a lot to be thankful for in our house today! We have an annoying inflatable duck, a giant alligator and a never used swan!

Rainy weekend!

I was going to try to ski this weekend, but as it is sort of windy and cold with the tropical depression and all. I decided to forfeit my water goal for this weekend.  I was very excited to try to ski again. I tried to do it three or so years ago and was not very successful at it.  I went straightaway underwater and got water up my nose (by the way; that does not bother me now!) That was it with skiing for me, until a few weeks ago when I was okay at knee boarding that I decided to try it again.
Except there was that small factor: weather. The weather is terrible for skiing. It is very windy and is chilly and rains every now and then. VERY EXCITING labor day weekend right? Well, we are having a rest time at the moment and then our family is going to watch a movie: I have no idea what it is about! We actually had some kids at our neighbors house this weekend. It is very rare when we have children anywhere close to us at our lake house.
Our neighbors had their grand kids over for a day and they were very nice. They came over to our dock and swam and jumped on our BIG YELLOW DUCK! Our duck is a whole other post! I am about to end this post and do something else.
So for now: your blogger,