Monday, July 30, 2012


Is anyone watching the olympics?

Is anyone wondering, besides me, whether or not Lochte will win against Phelps every time they race together?

Did anyone see the major upset that  in the men's 4 x 100 free relay?
Ya. That was slightly disappointing. I was a little disappointed in that but hey, they tried really hard and they just weren't able to hold the other team off. Silver is real good though.

Did anyone see the upset in the Women's gymnastics?
Jordan Weiber dosen't get to be in the all-around because gabby douglass and another girl got better scores than her. The thing that makes me mad is that Jordan probably has one of the best scores in the entire thing.

Y'all need to be watching this. Amazing things happen. history is made.

History is in the making.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exciting: Blue Skies

Tomorrow we leave on the most exciting trip this summer. We are going to Florida! But not just to Florida, we are going to Port St. Joe, FL!!!! okay, we are going to Blue Skies(cue applause) Blue skies is a ministry where families whose children have pediatric cancer get to go to the beach for a week free! by the way, our family has NO ONE with cancer. We're serving!

I am so excited to serve! I believe our family will be a host family, which means that we help a family by cleaning their condo, and other such things. There are also themed dinners, including a western as well as pirate night! I love dressing up as different things so this will be fun!

Things you can pray for:
-save driving down to FL
-being able to serve and uplift families
-going all out for Christ-all out is swimming language for the most you can do, giving everything you have-used while sprinting and racing
-letting God use me to serve Him for His glory
-removing ourselfves from the world and fighting for God's glory

link to blue skies site: Blue Skies

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guess what???

today's post was very goofy, but as I have not done a funny post in a long time, I thought it was about time that I do some fun posts. This is a list of things that I have either done, or really want to do. comment and tell me which of these you think I have done and which I haven't.  some of these my friends will know, some you will have to guess at. Guess what? that's my title
1. waking up to the smell of breakfast
2. enjoying hot chocolate in the middle of july
3. cleaning your room with a toothbrush
4. washing the dishes and listening to mandisa at the same time
5. eating cookies
6. running a mile and then falling down exhausted
7. sewing projects
8. learning algebra :-)
9. doing my laundry every monday
10. Quiet Time in the morning
11. Worshiping at church
12. watching movie with my best friends
13. laughing over floundring
14. painting my nails and totally messing up
15. studying marine biology
16. swimming the 500 and your goggles come off on lap #2
17. speaking in public
18. laughing and joking around right before you race
19. putting your goggles on backwards right before you get on the blocks
20. making your parents laugh
21. living through life with a middleschool perspective-especially through the middleschool years
22. vacumming up all of the roly polies on my carpet
23. redesigning my room
24. taking a shower-actually love doing this!!!
25. having a sleepover with your siblings
26. acing a math test
27. texting your "pen pal"
28. rolling on the floor laughing when what you are laughing at is not really funny at all
29. joking around with your parents on the subject of chicken
30. eating elk
31. reading the map of Australia in Georgia, USA
32. looking for a picture and finding a cheese-it
33. walking around in jean shorts in december
34. pretending you are an angel
35. ramming your head into a rack at Kohl's
36. walking through Target with the "I really can't buy anything here" perspective
37. buying candy at walmart
38. skiing
39. loving a pair of boots 
40. texting your grandparents
41. going on a mission trip
42. enjoying being competitive
43. playing piano
44. writing an essay three times
45. writing  research report
46. using your life in order to find true hope
47. living each day like it will be your last
48. finding a true love
49. that true love is amazing
50. that love is Jesus Christ

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Screwtape Letters

One of my summer assignments was to read and write a report on a book called: The Screwtape letters, by C.S. Lewis.
Here's the report:

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a book of letters from a devil to another devil. It contains advice for praying and sexual usage of women as well as a volley of other sins. The amazing part is that it is just one-way letter. It is not a letter to a devil and then a response from another devil. The instances described in these letters are merely human instances, from Screwtape, the uncle to Wormwood, the young na├»ve devil.  But, do they have a purpose? What is C.S. Lewis trying to tell us? I believe that C.S. Lewis is trying to convey a sense of shock and horror at the schemes and traps that the devil uses.
Screwtape starts off by lecturing Wormwood on Teaching. Teaching is, in general, true or false. Screwtape tells his nephew to not concentrate on making something true or false. Instead he tells Wormwood to make it sort of unclear and fuzzy to make it confusing as if it so ordinary that it does not matter whether it is true or false. Screwtape then goes on to tell his nephew on the subject of representing Christianity. He says that jealousy is a good sort of thing to have between families when someone has “become a Christian.” He then begins to communicate his feelings towards war. Screwtape says that instead of enjoying the suffering of humans, the devils should be using it to bring upon the humans questioning and doubt. Doubting is the cause of falling away. Our job is to cause them to fall away, says Screwtape. Then comes the question of the knowledge that humans have of demons and devils. According to Screwtape, the procedure is to keep concealed. This is what is said commonly throughout the book. The goal of the devil is to keep concealed and not to be heard or seen by humans. This allows for a surprise and hidden attack on a human and adds distress and worry when realized by the human. Also, keeping concealed allows the human not to realize easily that they are being attacked and are therefore not able to counterattack the invading army.
This was such an eye-opener. I would have prided myself on knowing about the devil and demons, but as all I knew was that they exist and not much about them.   C.S. Lewis addresses the question clearly and makes it easy to understand. He also deals with the issues that are in the world around me. War, pain, doubting; all of those things I have either seen or experienced. (Not the physical war though.)  I was almost amazed to see myself understanding this book easily. Usually, it takes a few read through of the chapters in order to understand the meaning. I was actually nodding as I realized that in my worldview that all of this is real and true. I agree with everything C.S. Lewis wrote in Screwtape Letters. Completely.
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a book of letters from one devil to another. The devils are commentating on how to capture a human heart. They go through several issues, mainly on “Christianity”, Love, Devotion, Prayer, etc. I would recommend this book to the grades in upper middle school and high school because the language is a bit difficult to understand. I do believe that this book opened my eyes to the devil’s work in our land and world. Does this summary not cause the thinker to realize that our world is being trapped and held by a great many sins and demons?
            And the great dragon was thrown down,
            The great serpent of old who is called the devil, and Satan,
Who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to earth and his angels were thrown down with him.
-Revelation 12:9

my next post will be on the book: The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It's by Robert Louis Stevenson.

can't wait to post again!!!
until another time,
I will forever be,
Hannah Grace Newbold