Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Birds

I spent some time watching the birds in our backyard and I was amazed at how calm some where and that the noisy ones could be so noisy. we saw:
Bluebirds- loud because of babies and worms
a Cardinal- quiet and calm
Wild doves- the MOST peaceful
The doves are my favorite because they are not concerned on the bees or our dog( refer to Pets tab)
They remind me of people who don;t care what everyone else thinks in the world as long as they are pure they are fine.
The cardinals are my next favorite for although the are a neon color which attracts attention to them they are a quiet and peaceful kind of bird.  they remind me of people who want to be noticed, but when they are they don't know what to say.
My least favorite are the blue birds because they seem to be sort of pushy and rude to the quiet people around them.
I Think I am more like a dove, because I do protect myself form people who might hurt me, but some people I don't care what they think.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Page

I have a new page because I just finished reading this book called:  The Girl's book of Wisdom. It is my favorite quotes from the entire book.
I deleted this page. 5/7/11 because I wanted it off my blog....................

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My life as a 6th grader

Being in middle school is not easy, especially being in 6th grade because you feel like you have to fit in with everyone else to be cool.  I know that just because I don't have a cell phone may seem a shock, but really I don't need one, for my parents pick me up from everywhere I go.  I certainly DON'T dress like some weird person who doesn't know who she is. I dress and act modestly and hopefully my character is that way.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break Journal

Monday we drove down to gramdpa's house and stayed the night in his house.
Tuesday grandma had back surgery so Haley, Sony and I all went to the mall and had a shopping spree and Chickfila for lunch. y sisters and brothers both stayed with Gramps while us older ones got some quality time in with his wife: Sony. Tuesday night we went over to my Grams(Gramps previous wife) and we spent the night there and had popcorn and  and played bingo till 11 o'clock Georgia time. We fell asleep fast.
Wednesday we had breakfast at Grams and then went on a walk and to the hospital where Grandma B had back surgery.  Clarification : I have three grandparents in Florida:
Grandma : Vi: Grams
Grandma B: one with back surgery
Grandpa: Gramps and Sony
when we got home from the hospital we had lunch and then played outside it his wetlands holding pond which was dry because of no rain with a  small jet ski that Harris ( my Bro.) had received from Gramps. we went inside and played domino's and bingo and watched a movie. I'll write more when I get there.