About Me

About Me:
  1. I've considered joining the Marines, however I think I would probably die before I left America.
  2. I really love football. (My favorite team is Auburn)
  3. I've never had a science class I didn't enjoy. 
  4. I swam for 10 years.
  5. I've had three surgeries, all on my toes.
  6. I run a couple times a week in the morning and I can benchpress. I also bike. 
  7. How much? not telling that ;)
  8. I ran a 5K a few years ago. 
  9. My favorite animal is the orca or the bottlenose dolphin. I also like velociraptors. 
  10. My favorite movie is Secretariat or Free Willy, or the Martian or Jurassic World.
  11. I'm not really an animal person, but I cry in animal movies.
  12. My favorite color is blue, but I like green too.
  13. My birthday is January 22
  14. I work at Chick-Fil-A and love my job! Go Chicken! 
  15. I have friends that live all over the United States and the world.
  16. I want to major in biochemistry.
  17. I've been learning how to solder and how to make circuit boards. I'm not great at building things.
  18. Actually, I am awful at building things. Can't design something to save my life. 
  19. I've never been into Legos. (Cuz that's requires building)
  20. I still watch Disney movies. (bring tissues, I cry)
  21. My favorite TV show is Psych or NCIS or mostly recent Marvel Agents of Shield. 
  22. I can't watch horror movies, cuz they scare me. Especially late at night. I had nightmares after Jurassic Park. 
  23. I'm scared of sharks, alligators, stingrays, lions, _________ (fill in any animal that's a predator).
  24. However, I'm not scared of spiders. At. All.  
  25. I live in the basement at my house - hence I kill bugs. in. the. shower.
  26.  I love kids. I babysit twice a week.
  27. However, I think I would be a horrible mother. 
  28. Rain smells like heaven, but it gives me headaches. I think it's the barometric pressure in the atmosphere.
  29. The song stuck in my head right now is Cheap Thrills, by Sia.
  30. I dance to music, but I'm not great at dancing. 
  31. I actually took a ballroom dancing class.
  32. I have gone to prom three years in a row. 
  33. I'm 5'2" and not getting taller. I wear heels sometimes though...does that count?
  34. My instagram is hannah_newbold so follow me! I'll follow back. 
  35. I drink tea and I like pizza and donuts. 
  36. Favorite food is tacos...they are sooooo good. 
  37. I've played piano since I was 5, and I play in church and in my school band. 
  38. I started taking college classes at 16. 
  39. I love wakeboarding. 
  40. I would love to move to either the beach or to the mountains. I love both places. 
  41. I want to surf one day. 
  42. I would love to travel to London or Paris. 
  43. I listen to lots of pop music and Christian music. Music is kinda my thing. 
  44. My favorite actor would have to be David Tennant or Tom Cruise or Chris Pratt. (There are too many to choose just one.)
  45. Favorite band right now? Probably 5SOS or One Direction. I just like their music. It calms me. 
  46. I have never fan girled over a celebrity. 
  47. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. 
  48. I study Biology for fun. 
  49. I've had a blog since I was in 4th grade - but I don't post enough. 
  50. ^ sorry. 
  51. I've always wanted to be famous. 
  52.  ^ I don't have any skills that could make me famous
  53. It takes me a solid month of laying out in the sun to tan. (and then it goes away in like a week)
  54. I had to look up ideas to blog about once. 
  55. I'm a terrible writer.  
  56. I want to go cliff diving one day. 
  57. Favorite fast food place? Def Chipotle - cuz burritos. :)
  58. At Starbucks I drink any frappucino (don't we all...)
  59. ^ I might have spelled that wrong
  60. I don't understand soccer. 
  61. I want to go see one of the Olympic games. 
  62. I want to go to the Super Bowl. 
  63. I'm not the neatest person in the world. 
  64. I have never cussed out loud. 
  65. People say I look like I'm 21. ha. I'm 17. 
  66.  I program my graphing calculator. 
  67. I spend way too much time on Pinterest. 
  68. I only get sick like once a year. 
  69. Google is a good friend. 
  70. I'm extremely awkward.