Saturday, September 27, 2014

50's Tea party

Dessert Table :-)
Last night was two of my dearest friends tea parties.At my school, Living Science, when a guy or girl turns 16, we have a tea party or a mugging. The girls have tea parties and dress up and enjoy a special night with best friends. Macey Hurst and Caitlin Trimble are both turning 16!There tea party theme was the 50s. I wore a poodle skirt and we all dressed up in 50's style! Happy birthday to both of you! You are some of my dearest friends! Here are some pictures from the night. I had such a good time and I love both of you dearly. My tea party is in October and I can't wait! I've been planning it with Abbie Montes. I'll post some pictures of how my planning is going in the next few weeks. XD

Chairs of Honor

Back tables

Food line

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Journal: September 23, 2014

Today, I had Classical conversations. (This is a hybrid program) My favorite subjects there are science and Latin. I'm in Latin 2 and I have an amazing Latin teacher. I'm also taking Biology. Biology is my best subject. Today, in class, Scotty and Brendan saw this slug like thing on the slide. It was actually moving around. We all looked at it and it was pretty slimy looking. But it was still super cool. It's amazing the detail God puts into creation.

After finishing our classes, we went to the park. Mom had a meeting for Haley's (my sister) class. I laid out a picnic blanket and finished a lot of geometry work. We've started on proofs in geometry, so I've had to spend a lot more time figuring the problems out.

When, I got home, I started on my piano practice and did some more geometry. I'm learning some new contemporary Christian songs. Alive by Natalie Grant is my favorite. I really enjoy singing and playing music.

I've been learning so much this year. It's been a great year so far, and I hope that it continues.

The psalm for the day is Psalm 38.
The coolest verse from this psalm is verse 15.
It says,
"For in you, O LORD, I hope.
You will hear, O LORD, my God."

Have a blessed tomorrow!

Hannah N